Monday, September 8, 2008

Fannie and Freddie

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Nice rally up. Yes, the Nasdaq 100 was behind, yet, now all my technical indicators on the 60-day chart favor the recovery. Let's see what tomorrow will bring to us.

I always consider that results on your technical analysis, your answer depends on how you put the question. You may ask "When will the market start to follow the Nasdaq 100 and continue its downtrend?" or you may ask "When will the Nasdaq 100 go along with S&P 500 and DJI?". The first question already assumes Bearish answer and the second question expects Bullish answer. Or the question could be neutral "Why the Nasdaq 100 does not follow the rest of the market?"

Today I would like to ask another question "Why does government did bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on this week end and not in a week or in a month? Did it happen because otherwise the stock market would crash deeper? Or did it happen because somebody wanted to own these companies while they are still cheap? Or did it happen simply because some people do not want the truth to be revealed when these companies crashed? What does government knows that you don't?"

Another interesting fact... I always pushing myself away from the politics, yet it stroked me… From The Wall Street Journal, I quote

"Sen. Obama has received $105,849 from donors tied to the companies since he ran for the senate four years ago, making him the third-largest recipient in Congress among the top 25 listed in a recent report by the Center for Responsive Politics, which examined contributions dating to 1989.
Sen. McCain wasn't listed in the report, and proponents of overhaul say lobbyists have tried unsuccessfully to win him over." from

Another homework question : "Do you think if Sen. Obama become the President he and his changes will protect the interests of the regular Americans or interests those who will donor more? "

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Hedge Thing said...

Interesting point you raise on Obama's campaign donation links to FNM/FRE... but how relevant would that be going forward to legislation if all those involved in those GSEs are getting canned, and the 2 companies are going to be run by others and, likely, broken up altogether?

(Easy to see that it's from the rather right-leaning WSJ!!!)

And as for the weekend - 1) that's normal these days, it seems, and maybe 2) it's after the RNC and as far away from the Presidential election as possible? Paulson admitted as much that it would be the next guy's problem... Economic hot potato or what?!