Monday, September 15, 2008

DJI Volume

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The record volume in the history DJI and S&P 500 indexes. We have not seen such big panic selling in the Dow Jones Industrial and S&P 500 sectors before. The major influence on the DJI slide was caused by American International Group, Inc. (AIG) which shares dropped down for more than 60%. I do not think we will see such strong panic selling soon.

By following my yesterday "S&P 500" post I may say that, yes, from one side I'm disappointed by such strong crash, from  other side I'm very happy to see the daily volume record in the S&P 500 and DJI sectors - it only confirms that we will see the indexes much higher than they are today and much higher than they were yesterday. Do I see a possibility of the further slide? - yes, there is still negative sentiment on the stock market. Yet, I do not expect to see other strong crashes. Now, after such big volume I would not trade short under any circumstances. Again, I'm just a regular trader, so, do follow my words, but do your own technical analysis.

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