Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yesterday Down, Today Up...

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Two percent down yesterday, two percent up today - volatility is growing. This mean that traders are nervous.

The Us Dollar is down today. It is interesting to watch this, as S&P 500 continues to mimic opposite trend of US Dollar Index.

Right now, I would expect to see some decline within the next hour (watch for a decline in money flow on 5-min chart). If it happens I would watch money flow on 15- and 30-min charts.

I would not make any bets on options today. The long weekend with short trading session on Friday is not good time to hold position in options.


George said...

It does not seem there is a lot of selling volume, on top of a light session.

On the heel of an initial claim that is sizable less than the MA of the past weeks, every pullback finds a bid. It does not seem a pullback can take place today.

TraderJoe said...

please read my last post