Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unsertain Sentiment on High Volatility

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It was a quite volatile session today: opening at high, then swing down, then swing up, then decline, then recovery. At the end of the day the indexes are where they were yesterday. The indexes did not continued the up-rally we had on October 5th, yet at the same time the indexes do not rush into correction.

From one side it is difficult to believe that 2-3% correctional move down (mostly side-way trading) we saw at the end of September would release the market (indexes) from the overbought condition the indexes should be after September's bullish trading. From other side it is harder to break bullish sentiment into correction than bearish sentiment.

I think many technical analysis are betting on the S&P 500 and DJI hitting their highs seen in April 2010. Maybe it is were they are going, however, I do not like volatility. If you check daily charts, you will see that such up and down swings are very often noted before strong declines.

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