Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New day - New data

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New day - new data - new view on the market. In similar to September 30h way we had strong opening. Index futures traders have pushed the indexes up before the bell, yet, in opposite to September 30th way this time positive sentiment on futures market was supported by positive move on the stock market and indexes continued to move up.

As I mentioned above, new day brought new data that on my opinion attention should be paid to:

 - we had very strong volume during today's run up. The strongest increase was seen in the financial sectors (see Nasdaq Financial and S&P Financials). NYSE daily volume is the highest daily volume since July 16, 2010. Nice volume increase was seen in the S&P 500 and DJI sectors. However, the Nasdaq 100 index volume was not as high;

 - we had very extremely strong bullish advance/decline readings;

- we have further increase in volatility on daily charts;

- S&P 500 and DJI broke their high levels seen on September 30, yet the Nasdaq 100 index stayed below its high.

High volume means big players are in the game. The question is what they are doing - are they selling at high (indexes are at their 5-nmonth highs) to greedy buyers and to short players whose stop-losses were hit when indexes opened strongly up. Or they are buying at high because they have information that assures them that the market will go up without any correctional move down??? I do not think retail traders could be selling in such amounts. However, there could be other big players who decided to play short at high - in this case this is a battle between giants and we should see who wins when we see volume down.

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