Thursday, May 6, 2010

Market Crash

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Very nice volume we had today during the crash. It does not matter what was the reason, "computer glitch" or Greece crisis, the market hit down eat, all stop-losses and when there were nothing more to eat it bounced strongly up. Such strong volume means that the institutional traders were buying from those who placed stop-loss orders. All this high volume mean that, now, most likely we have oversold condition when we may have luck of bearish traders to support further decline.

It was crazy day, It was almost impossible to buy (many orders bounced back canceled), still, I like it, because such huge volume surges are clear signals of possible reversal. We still may see some volatility and maybe some decline, yet, I would expect to see the indexes (DJI, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500 and other) moving up.

I'll try to post my view of a "computer glitch" during the week-end.

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