Sunday, December 13, 2009

S&P 500 Chart

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It is a month as the market has been trading side-way (see the S&P 500 index chart below). I have already been pointing on sideway trading in my previous posts (starting from November 15, 2009: see my "Technical Analysis" post), and it looks like the market continues to follow this pattern. Last week in my "Sideway Trading" post on December 5, 2009 I expressed my expectation to see some action on exiting from side-way trading, yet, it looks like we had another bounce from the lower line of the side-way corridor and now the indexes (S&P 500, DJI and Nasdaq 100) are headed to the upper-line of this corridor (resistance line).

At the current moment, the majority of the technical studies on my chart are bullish. However, we are coming closer to the upper corridor line and up-move become weaker and we may face another bounce down.

Now, after 1-month of sideway trading I would not bet on up-trend until I see the indexes, at least S&P 500 and DJI, are breaking strongly the resistance line (not breaking it for 15 min period and a for a few points only). At the same time I would not bet on the down-trend until I see the same indexes moving below the lower line (support line) of the sideway-corridor. The indexes have been trading in this corridor long enough to assume a possibility that overbought sentiment accumulated in the first half of November is not in force anymore and most likely it will not push the market down. Now, on my opinion, the longer-term sentiment is the only force that may push the stock market down. We may see that since July 10, 2009 the main indexes (S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and DJI) were in the strong up-move and we may assume that they could accumulate overbought sentiment and without a new fuel (new investors coming into the market) we could face a strong correction (at least the same as we had in second half of June 2009).

Still, since we do not know what exactly may happen, we may wait for clearer and stronger signals. At least this is my view and my position on the current market.

Chart #1: The S&P 500 Chart with elements of technical analysis:
S&P 500 chart analysis - December 2009


Michael said...

Do you think side way trading continues into next year? I'm predicting that SP500 will decline from current level around $1110 and continue to go down into next year.

TraderJoe said...

It would be very healthy for market to have a correction at this time