Sunday, December 20, 2009


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The purpose of technical analysis is to predict a possible future trend movement and, as a rule, predictions are based on the comparing the history and applying the history research results to the current market. This week I would like to show a few charts of Dow Jones Industrial (DJI) index. I selected 10-year and 6-month chart to demonstrate where the main indexes are at the current moment in relation to the longer-term periods.

From the 6-month DJI chart (see the first chart) you may see that the DOW index has been trading in narrow (2.5% wide) corridor for a month. I believe this side-way action has made many traders impatient to see when this pattern is broken and many of them, I think, expect to see strong correction, which would be logical after such strong recovery. However, I would not rush into short trade without setting a tight stop-loss strategy.

If you take a look on the second chart below (DJI 10-year chart), you will see that the DJI index is traded at the level which is inside of the historically defined long-term corridor. In 1999-2001 the DOW index spent 18 months in 8% corridor (between $10,000 and $10,800) and in 2004 we had 12 month of side-way trading in the same corridor.

Can we assume that we may expect to see the Dow index traded in the same 8% corridor for prolonged period of time now as well? What could be a reason that the Dow Jones index was in that 8% corridor for such long period of time? Maybe this is the level where the real value of the companies listed in the DJI index is: the Dow listed companies are not under-evaluated and they are not over-evaluated. If this is true then it would explain side-way trading before and we can expect side-way trading in the same corridor for longer period of time again.

Now, coming back to the 6-month DJI chart, we may see that the DJI index still did not hit the top of this 8% corridor. Because of that, the exit from the current 2.5% side-way trading still could be up toward the $10,800 level. This is why even when I see technical analysis results suggesting down move I would not play short without tight stop-loss.

Chart #1: The DJI Chart 6-month view of the current 2.5% side-way corridorDJI Chart - 6 months
Chart #2: The DJI Chart 10-year view of the historically defined 8% side-way corridorDJI chart - 10 years

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