Sunday, December 13, 2009

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This is just a quick post. I saw some free data that could be interesting to somebody and I would like to share the info.

I'll try to post my regular report today afternoon. Meanwhile, If you are interesting in some free data you may find free index quotes at the quote section of MV( As a rule they do not show volume and advance decline quotes to the general web surfers and require "free trial" registration at least to see these quotes and data. However a few day ago they have opened access to the general public and you may monitor index volume and advance/decline data for free without any registration.

Below you may see snapshoot of some quotes pages.

At you will find free index quotes including volume and advance decline quotes

S&P 500 Index (^SPX)  
Last Trade1106.58Advanced Volume1,900,459 K
Trade Time (ET)12/11/2009 16:00Declined Volume699,061 K
Change4.41(0.40%)Unchanged Volume32,205 K
Previous Close1102.17Total Issues500
Open1103.96Advanced Issues315
High1108.5Decline Issues121
Low1101.33Unchanged Issues64
Volume2,921,573 KNew Highs46
Up Volume1,647,332 KNew Lows0
Down Volume1,236,660 KTRIN0.96

At y you my see price free based technical quotes.

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) Exponential Moving Averages Analysis

5-day Exponential Moving Average1,101.952.28 (0.21%)Bullish
10-day Exponential Moving Average1,101.211.17 (0.11%)Bullish
20-day Exponential Moving Average1,097.760.92 (0.08%)Bullish
50-day Exponential Moving Average1,080.811.05 (0.10%)Bullish
130-day Exponential Moving Average1,031.351.17 (0.11%)Bullish
260-day Exponential Moving Average1,020.100.67 (0.07%)Bullish

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) MACD(12,26) Analysis

EMA(12): Fast Exponential MA1,100.761.04 (0.09%)MACD sentiment is Bearish
, although MACD Histogram moves up, it may indicate the possibility of coming changes in MACD sentiment
EMA(26): Slow Exponential MA1,094.870.93 (0.09%)
MACD (12,26)5.900.11 (1.94%)
MACD Signals: EMA(9) applied to MACD7.70-0.37 (-4.53%)
MACD Histogram-1.810.48 (-20.91%)

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) Stochastics Analysis

9-day Stochastics62.0048.3140.31Bullish
14-day Stochastics64.3150.1141.26Bullish
20-day Stochastics64.3150.1142.48Bullish

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) RSI (Relative Strength Index) Analysis

Relative Strength
Relative Strength
Index (RSI)
9-day Strength3.782.571.4759.58Bullish
14-day Strength4.123.041.3657.59Bullish
20-day Strength4.043.071.3256.82Strongly Bearish

At y you may see free volume based technical quotes.

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) VO, PVO and MVO (Volume Oscillators) Analysis

9-day Volume Oscillator0.89-11.460.00No abnormal volume activity
14-day Volume Oscillator0.91-8.850.00No abnormal volume activity
20-day Volume Oscillator0.90-10.110.00No abnormal volume activity

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) MFI (Money Flow Index) Analysis

Money Ratio
Money Flow Index
Index (MFI)
9-day Strength19,464,228 M16,174,684 M1.2054.62Bullish
14-day Strength25,424,639 M24,840,144 M1.0250.58Bullish
20-day Strength39,849,790 M32,077,759 M1.2455.40Bullish

At you may see free advance decline technical quotes

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) Advance/Decline Sentiment Analysis

Advance/Decline Issues Ratio2.60Positive
Advance/Decline Issues Percentage Oscillator44.50 %
Advance/Decline Volume Ratio2.72
Advance/Decline Volume Percentage Oscillator46.22 %
Advance/Decline Sentiment72.68 %

S&P 500 Index (^SPX) TRIN Analysis

TRIN0.96Trading activity in advancing stocks is approximately
the same as in declining stocks
Average Volume per Advancing Stock6,033 K
Average Volume per Declining Stock5,777 K

There are more to quotes to chose from....

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