Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nasdaq 100

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The indexes continue to move almost flat, with exception of the Nasdaq 100 index. It looks like the indexes are ready to go down, yet they wait until the Nasdaq 100 collect more overbought power.

The are two interesting thins happened today.

We had extremely strong volume surges in the Nasdaq Insurance and Nasdaq Internet market sectors. Keep in mind that this is sixth positive trading session in a row on the Nasdaq 100 index. These surges in the Nasdaq sector indexes would push the Nasdaq in stronger overbought condition.

Another point worth mentioning is very low volatility by the end of today's session on all indexes. I have already mentioned several days ago in the "Volatility Down" post (on September 9, 2010) that such drop in volatility is considered as "The Squeeze" and very often noted before sharp and strong swings. In addition, such low drop in volatility is very unusual in period of futures expiration - this Friday we have options expiration, futures expiration and index options expiration ("Triple Witching Week").

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