Sunday, September 26, 2010

Increase in Volatility

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It was a volatile week. Strong opening on Monday, then tree negative sessions in a row (Tuesday-Thursday) and then again strong opening on Friday which basically made the past week positive. Even the Tuesday-Thursday's move down is quite shallow it is the strongest one since the beginning of September.

I'll try to be short this time. From one side my technical analysis suggests that the indexes are overbought and we may see some strong move down in the future. From other side we still did not see any confirmation signals of beginning of such move. Additional negative sign is that the past week has brought increase into volatility on the longer-term chart.

My expectation from the coming week are neutral. If we do not see strong decline on Monday, then I would expect to see side-way trading. Even if we see decline, I would expect the indexes be above September 23's low in side-way action.

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