Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Crash

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As I mentioned in my previous post (see "Short Technical Analysis" post on May 31, 2010) "If we do not see up-side reaction on that volume tomorrow or the day after tomorrow then I would consider a possibility of retesting the Lows seen on May 25, 2010."  - we had side-way volatile trading at the beginning of the past week with strong decline on Friday, June 4 of 2010.

The Friday's decline wiped out almost all gain of the past two weeks. Now we are getting close to the May 25th bottom.

As with majority of the strong declines, the indexes (Nasdaq 100, NYSE Composite, DJI, S&P 500, etc) have generated strongly oversold signal: strong increase in volume during decline (volume surges) and extremely low Breadth (advance/decline) indicators readings. From one side these oversold signals indicate panic selling and possibility of shift in supply and demand balance which could lead to a bounce up.

From other side, we had too many similar signals (7 by my count) over the past month. In majority cases we had bounce up after such signals, however, all of them were short lived and the indexes are still at the bottom. Another negative factor is the high volatility level. We do not see a decline in volatility which tells that the stock market continues to be very sensitive and we may see any time other strong declines.

It is difficult to believe that we are going to face another stock market crash or strong recession. I would rather say that in period from March 2009 until April 2010 the stock market went too far and too fast (it was driven by institutional speculators and not by economy). The economy does not develop so fast and now it could be a time to level it up.

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