Monday, June 1, 2009

General Motors and Citi Group

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General Motors (ticker: GM) and Citi Group (ticker: C) are about to be removed from the Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500 indexes. Very nice news, and good decision - better later than never. Those companies with lousy management should be removed from the indexes a half of year ago. If it would be done in December 2008 when GM and Chrysler requested bailout money (what a scam...), I would assume the recovery would started much earlier. As I mentioned in my "Automakers Bailout - Good or Bad?" post in December 2008: "this bailout could become a waste of money", it is sad to accept, but it happened. I am still taking the same old position: "Old fat, spoiled, lazy dinosaurs has to die in order to free the way for young, strong, energetic wolves who will lead the pack... " - this what is recession is above - to clean the market and economy, so, it can develop further. If there is a demand on a product and a company producing it go bankruptcy then somebody will fill this place and will lead the economy. If there is no demand on a product then nothing and no bailout money will help.

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