Monday, February 23, 2009

Technical Analysis

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Since I did not make any reference to the charts and technical indicators in my last "DJI Volume" post, I decided to make a short additional post.

I already mentioned in my previous post (a few hours ago) that now, I would not like to be on the place of those traders who are in short position, either it sold short stocks, or bought put options... I think it expresses my opinion very clear. This statement is based on the same technical indicators I always use and it mainly based on the huge volume surge seen on Friday in the DJI sector which on my opinion could mark another bottom and reversal.

In more details my technical analysis applied to the set of technical indicators on the 60-day chart (1 bar = 1 hour) tells me:
1. SBV started to advance - positive sign, yet it would be nice to see further advance as confirmation of recovery.
2. A lot of read SBV - suggests strongly oversold market
3. Big red MVO - points to strongly oversold market and extremely high panic selling which may lead to strong reversal.
4. MVO did not started to advance yet - means that we still have a lot of traders who sells in panic or who sell short in greed.
5. Advance/Decline Oscillator still declines - which reveals dominance of negative sentiments.
6. Advance/Decline shows a lot of red - suggests strongly oversold market.
7.MACD almost flat - more as a neutral sign.
8. Stochastics advanced above 20 after being below this level - positive sign that show that market is moving away from its low levels.
9. RSI advanced above 30 after being below this level - positive dynamic movement.
10. McClellan Oscillator is on up-side after crossing zero line - considered as positive signal.

Sorry for not showing a chart, I think you may always take a look at chart on - chart setting could be seen on chart in my "DJI Chart" post (look for indicators setting in the chart legend).

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