Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Bailout

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Will the new rescue package save us or this it just another project to be wasted? New President has received first slap in the face when he received numbers from Wall Street about "bonuses". It looks like the Government has power to borrow money from China and print money only. When money are moved to banks they control it and they can do with it whatever they want. I do not think there is any regulation that allows the Government to control how the Government's money are spend and until there no any I do not think the "New Stimulus Package" will work. As soon as the funds from the new rescue plan are moved to banks the banks will control them and no one including President and Government will be able to tell to the banks what to do with this money otherwise they call it "socialism".  Sorry, I'm a pessimist in trusting banks, I'll just hope and pray that new President will have enough courage to fight...

I do not want to go deep into the politics, this is a job of fundamental analysis. My job is technical analysis, to watch charts and to spot possible reversal points. At this point my charts are negative by pointing to a possibility of further slide. However, they point to the oversold market as well, thus recommending to monitor charts closely over the next few sessions because based on how heavy indexes are oversold the reversal could be sharp and very strong.

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Anonymous said...

What The Hell Is Going On. One is foolish to invest even in the best of companies if all it take is a CEO to take the money and walk away or worse ask for more. Bailout CEO's, knowingly, deceptively have used the position they hold to unjustly Enrich themselves and with out care causing total collapse
Do not believe me. Will you believe Columbia Encyclopedia: Federal National Mortgage Association The price usually soars when interest rates fall and plummets when interest rates rise, since the mortgage business is so dependent on the direction of interest rates. Fannie Mae’s corporate credibility was damaged by revelations (2004) that it manipulated its earnings from 1998 to 2004, in part to maximize bonus payments to its corporate executives.
the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), an agency of the United States Department of the Treasury, is the primary regulator of the fiduciary activities of federal savings associations.
such as corporate directors, held to a fiduciary duty breach of fiduciary duty in order to prevent unjust enrichment.
The fiduciary functions of trusts and agencies AIG, Inc., Ameriprise Financial, American Express, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch.
each is liable, even though the injury would not have happened but for the negligence of the others.
Chief executive officer has been ordered by a judge to repay his former company more than $47.8 million in bonuses to allow Dishonorable CEOs to retain the benefit of these payments would be unconscionable.' " Enforce Unjust Enrichment recover over $200B but better than that this will stop the shameless greed from every happening again. $100 Trillion will not work if shameless greed can grab the money and walk away.