Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wall Street - Spoiled Kid

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The bailout will be passed. If not tonight then in a few days. It's out of the question they will play around it it until it's done.

"You do not take away a candy that you've already showed to your spoiled kid. You will give it to him sooner or later".

People of the Kingdom may scream as loudly as they want - nobody will listen. They will be assured that this candy is for their own good but it will be given to the spoiled kid. The huge mistake was done in the first place when this question was risen at all and the candy was brought to the light. Now, the kid already knows that the candy exists and when the kid's parents hesitated in delivering it on Monday the kid has send strong "Black Mail" by pointing to the kid's power and ability to crash the Kingdom.

So, do not worry, the candy will be delivered to the spoiled unregulated kid. You may see it from the fact that the parents do not discuss on delivering or not delivering. All discussions are only about wrapping paper that should be used with this candy.

Main personages
Spoiled Kid: Wall Street
Candy: Bailout
PParents: .....
The Kingdom: .....
People of the Kingdom: ....

I will not be surprised if they rename the "bailout" into the something like "the Kingdom rescue action" by granting themselves as heroes of the Kingdom.

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