Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nasdaq 100 chart

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I do not know where the market is going to be in a month. However, I'm sure that this not the end of the world and the market must be up  in a couple of years and much higher than it is now. Yes, we could be at the bottom of the recession, yet, as I told before I would not even think about it until I see the indexes moving above October 14, 2008 highs.

I do not know when the market will be even in a week. I such volatile days I can have some degree of confidence in the coming day only. That is why I do my home work on daily basis - I do my technical analysis every day. From the chart below you may see that my 60-day technical analysis looks positive at this moment - the SBV, MACD, RSI, Stochastics and McClellan Oscillator are moving up. Yet, the Bullish sentiment can turn into Bearish on Monday or in  a couple of days... So, watch out... Do not trust me, but do your own home work.

Nasdaq 100 chart - Technical Analysis

 The technical indicators on the S&P 500 and DJI charts look similar to the Nasdaq 100 technical indicators.

Longer-term charts (1-year, 1.5-year) suggest the high possibility of the strong mid-term recovery. However, it's difficult to say if this is going to happen tomorrow. We already saw that the stock market ignored the extreme panic selling in the middle of September - something very unusual for such huge volume surges. The investors were ready to come into the market and those volume surges witnessed that many traders started to by and that is why we had 10% run up in a single session. The only explanation of sharp change in the sentiment from Bullish into Bearish again I see in the "Bailout news". On my opinion the games around it pushed the market down again.

Will the market react healthy on the current Bearish volume and will go up? I hope so... The history shows that the market always react on huge volume during the price drop by a strong recovery. Yet, what surprise our politicians are hiding? New President will come on the throne in a couple of days... I hope the tax increase will not be his first bill. I'm not against tax increase, but not now. Now, when all businesses are suffering from the crash on the stock market and crash in the financial sector, now, when all businesses are trying to survive, the tax increase may completely destroy them and push the market in so deep recession that we may forget that USA is the world leader... Later, when the economy is stabilized, become healthy and growing, maybe... Bu not now...

I think there is the possibility that the market may wait to see who the new President is and what his intentions are. Nobody wants to invest in a company that may file bankruptcy in a month because of sudden additional expenses (increased taxes) that could be put on the company's shoulders in such difficult time (when the market is in the deep recession).

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