Tuesday, February 19, 2008

S&P 500 Chart

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The 60-day S&P 500 chart has mixed indicators.

Positive signs:

1. After high volume activity in January, 2008, we may see that current volume is much lover.
2. SBV is rising
3. The last MVO was red – last volume surge was to the price move down
4. MACD is rising
5. Stochastics is rising
6. VIX (Volatility Index) declines.
Negative signs:
1. Advance/decline volume and issues oscillators are in decline
2. RSI is in decline
3. VIX is still at high level:
I would consider higher odds on the recovery. Yet the indicators may change and they need daily monitoring.

S&P 500 chart

Do not confuse this post with my previous post. The previous post is based on the 2-year chart and would intend to explain my vision of the longer term trend, while 60-day chart helps me to assume the trend over the next couple of sessions.

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