Sunday, September 4, 2011

Unemployment Question

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There is no doubt that unemployment is one of the most popular topics in the media at the current moment. No wonder, as unemployment remains at high level since the stock market crash in 2008. Whatever the Government does (actually they have done nothing), nothing seems to reduce the number of people without work. If the Government expects that the corporation start opening working places (at least that is their explanation why the corporation should not be taxed) then I could only say THEY ARE WRONG or they think that the people are stupid. A corporation does not need extra expenses, and there is no stimulus for them to open working places in the USA until it is more profitable for them to do it oversea. That is why majority of them moved their customer support to India and China, that is why more and more "made in China" and "made in India" and less and less "made in USA" could be seen on the shelves in our stores. To tell us that if we do not tax the corporation they will have more money (they already have billions) and they will think about expansion and creating work for Americans is keeping us for idiots. We have to tax them and the taxes should be strict.

My proposal - pass it to those who you voted for if you like it:

1. If  more than 20% of corporation's expenses are over-sea's expenses (whatever the expenses are: supplies, customer support, development, etc) than this corporation  has to pay additional 15% tax not from the profit but from the overall over-sea's expenses.

This will make the corporation to think where to expend their business and will make small and medium businesses stronger and more competitive to the big corporations.

2. The exemption from the p.1 are  the companies that has more than 50% of profit coming from export (companies that deal with natural resources, oil, mining and other companies should not be covered by this exemption).

We need to balance import/export and we need t protect those who export.

3. A company that show grows in the number of employees (not over-sea's employees) that worked more than 1 year in this company is entitled for the tax deduction (max 5%)The companies that deal with natural resources, oil, mining and other companies should not be covered by this exemption).

It should definitely attract the companies, small and big to open new working places and make it easier for them to invest the money they have into the company’s expansions.

I could add more points, but I think it is enough for you to start thinking.
Do you think if we would have such policies it would increase the revenue, it would help with trade balance and it would reduce the unemployment?

If your answer is yes, and you like it then 

and Pass it to those who you voted for and those who you are going to vote for

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