Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Technical Analysis

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There is a common statement that technical analysis is not exact science. There are so many researches done, there are some many simple traders and professional institutions focus their attention on technical analysis, that it is difficult to say that it is not a science. It is definitely science but it still not an exact one. It could be compared to the astrology where you take the results of the past historical observations and look for the patterns and then based on the found patterns you build prediction of possible future price trend developments which, of course, are not guaranteed.

The main purpose of the trading on the stock market is to make money or to secure the money. In ether way technical analysis is one of the tools that is dedicated to help a trader in his/her trading. Yet, it is difficult for a novice trader to figure out where to start from, as there a hundreds of the indicators and hundreds of theories on how to use them. It is not easy to find a way in technical analysis. If it would be easy then everyone would be a winner and this is not how the stock market works.

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