Sunday, April 10, 2011

Technical Analysis

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I have already posted several messages that  I have moved my blog to new location. You may find the address in the previous two posts, s well you may simply click at the title of this blog and you will be redirected to my new blog.

The main difference of the new blog is the frequency of the posts. Right now, I'm trying to post the results of my technical analysis on the daily basis. The daily analysis is mainly based on the analysis of the money flow on the lower chart's time-frames and the results are represented in the simple market outlook with what to expect at the market open on the next trading day as ell as overall outlook for the next trading session.

In addition to the daily market outlook I continue posting on weekly basis results f my technical analysis based on the hourly and daily index (S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, DJI and Russell 2000) charts.

Volume continue to remain as a main factor in my technical analysis, as I consider that only volume may reveal the actions and sentiment of majority of the traders.

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