Sunday, August 15, 2010

Volatile Markets

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I mentioned a week ago in the "Trading strategy" post on August 8, 2010: "even I more bearish (because of negative divergence I see on many charts), I would say that (as in most cases of side-way trading) a simple strategy could be used.... If lower line of side-way corridor (low on August 6) is broken - odds would favor the bears." - this is exactly what happened on August 1, 2010 - the lows were broken and the indexes continued to decline.

Now, majority of technical indicators are bearish and suggest good odds of further decline. Yet, as it always happens in case of technical analysis - there is always something that points in opposite direction.

In the current situation, on August 11, 2010, the strong decline has generated great bearish volume surge. In addition, on that day we had extremely low advance/decline volume and issues readings. If we compare August 11 to July 16, we will see that even smaller bearish volume has pushed indexes up. Furthermore, there is still a possibility that this volume may cause up-move. At the same time, from the bears prospective of view we may say that volume and advance decline signals on August 11 were too close to the recent highs to consider them as strong bullish signals. Another point is that even we had extremely low (extremely oversold) advance/decline reading in the S&P 500 and DJI sectors, the NYSE composite advance/decline volume was not even strongly oversold - yes, it was bearish but not strongly.

Overall, I would say that the odds of the further decline are higher. However, taking into account volume surges and low advance/decline reading on August 11, the one who is in short may consider setting a stop loss to protect a profit already earned since the time when August 6’s lows were broken.

Another aspect that should be considered (on my opinion) is that the volatility level is still high, which means that we may see sudden and strong reversal, therefore it could be recommended to monitor charts daily.

P.S. It does not looks like we have quite summer vacation trading...

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