Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nasdaq 100

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This is seventh  positive session in a row on the Nasdaq 100 and DJI indexes. In addition today's daily volume even stronger then the yesterday's daily volume on some indexes.

Below you will find some statistics about 7 and more positive sessions on the Nasdaq 100 index:

Period# of Positive
# of Advanced
 Were change in
a trend witnessed after? 

Jul 2, 2010 - Now


Feb 24 - Mar 12, 2010

Nov 2 - 11, 200986.53YES
Oct 5 - 14, 200985.30YES
Jun 8 - 27, 20091212.57YES
The next one goes back to 2007

The numbers above do not imply that we may see a down-turn. Yet taking into account increase in volume I may expect a slow down of the current recovery, and at leas a side-way trading - then we may see how it develops.

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