Sunday, September 13, 2009

Technical Analysis

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Nice week. As all indicators were bullish last Friday (see my last week "Volatility" post on September 6, 2009) the stock market rallied up strongly. Now taking look at hourly charts we may see that majority of the technical indicators started to show some bearish signs:

- McClellan Oscillator declined below zero line - bearish sign;
- Stochastics and RSI dropped below 80 and 70 lines respectfully - bearish sign;
- MACD declines - bearish sign;
- Advance/Decline Oscillator declines - bearish sign;

I think closed attention should be paid to the high MVO on September 8-10, 2009. This indicates high volume activity during the price advance. As a rule such high volume could reverse a trend and we already saw slow down in up-move.

The SBV Oscillator is the only indicator that could be considered slightly bullish. It declines, yet, the SBV reading are still at high positive levels.

Overall, taking a look at technical analysis applied to the hourly charts ( see my previous posts for hourly charts setting) I cannot say that the market is very positive. In opposite, there are many signs that suggest a correction down. However, we have just had a strong rally. Taking look at the history I do not see many occurrences of sharp reversal after such up-move. As a rule, when market comes to some overbought level it is stuck at this level for a couple of trading sessions and moves side-way before a decline.

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