Sunday, August 2, 2009

Technical Analysis

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The recent week could be considered completely flat with the exception of sharp up-move at the market open on Thursday July 30, 2009. I have already pointed to the short-term overbought market in my previous week's "S&P 500 Rally Up" post. If not this Thursday's sharp up move then this week's sideway trading would look like very nice resistance and now all technical indicators would point to the higher odds of correction down. I reality the picture is a little bit different. The S&P 500 technical analysis of hourly chart (1 bar = 1 hour) shows following:

- The SBV Oscillator (bar period 20) is bearish - it moves down slowly. In addition big bullish volume accumulation from July 13, 2009 may possibly push the indices down.

- The MVO(5,25,3) is Bearish as well. We may see a row of Bullish volume surges with the most recent on July 30, 2009. All these volume surges are result of the waves of greedy buying. The strongest one on July 23, 2009 has halted advance and directed the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial sideway.

- The Advance Decline Oscillator with bar period 12 is close to become bearish. It started to decline, yet it still at high positive level and still could be considered as bullish.

- MACD(15,30,10) is bearish. It declines and it just crossed zero line and went into negative territory.

- RSI(17) dropped below 70, however, it is almost flat and still above 50. So, I would say the Relative Strength Index is slightly bullish.

- Stochastics (17) is slightly bearish. It declines, it moved below 80 yet it is still above 50.

- McClellan Oscillator with bar period 19 and 39 is bullish. It advances above zero line and is still in up-move.

The DJI technical analysis of the same indicators will give you the same result. The Nasdaq 100 hourly chart is slightly more bearish then the S&P 500 and DJI charts.

In conclusion I would say that the main U.S. indexes are overbought over the short-term. We may see some bearish signals. However not all technical indicators are in favor down move. It could be recommended to monitor chart closely next week. Should Advance/Decline Oscillator, RSI and Stochastics decline further it would increase the odds of possible correction down.

I’m sorry I have not provided chart snapshot today. I'll try to do it in my next post.


Mongo13 said...


I saw the traderjoe name on some other post on a forum. You really seem to know what your talking about. I'm going to follow along with you if you don't mind, I'm kinda new to trading. Good bottom calls by the way. Do you think we will break way above 1000 on the s&p or are we due a correction?

TraderJoe said...

Sooner or later $1,000 level will be hit by the S&P 500. The question is when. Will it be in a month, 3 months, a year? At this point of time it would be healthy to have a correction down. Market is overbought over the short term and the season of economics reports will be over soon. I think there are good odds to see move down. If we have it then we may analyze it. Depending on how strong correction is, what volume is generated at a support and how S&P500 reverses from the correction, we may assume how strong could be next up move and whether $1,000 level will be hit.