Sunday, March 15, 2009

S&P 500 Chart

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For several weeks I have not been referring to any chart in my posts. I assumed that, whoever reads my blog may know from my previous posts charts setting I usually discuss and may simply open these charts. Now, I think, it is time for me to make chart snapshoot again. At the end, I believe it is easier to follow my posts and points of my technical analysis by looking at the chart (majority of people, including me, visually accept faster) than just simply reading the words.

Below you may see the S&P 500 60-day chart (1-bar = 1 hour). Some of traders call it 60-day chart because you may see 2 months of data on screen, some of traders cal it hourly charts because one bar covers one hour. I give both references for earthier understanding.

S&P 500 chart
On the S&P 500 chart (Nasdaq 100 and DJI chart similar at this time) above you may see the standard set of my technical indicators for hourly charts. As you may see I do not rely on one indicator and even I consider volume as one of he most powerful tools I do not rely solely on it. Basically I have three groups of indicators on this chart: volume based, price based and advance/decline indicators. In this way I believe I cover all aspects of the trend analysis.

At this point of time my technical analysis of the hourly charts tells me that the market could be considered overbought in the short-term and we may expect to see some correctional movement down. By shortly summarizing the indicators above I may say that:
  • High green MVO, RSI above 70, Stochastics above 80 - all of these suggest the indexes are overbought in short term (short-term because it is not high time-frame chart).
  • Declining SBV, MACD and McClellan Oscillator point that the sentiment started shift toward the Bullish mood.
  • RSI and Stochastics are still above 70 and 80 respectfully by still pointing to the Bullish sentiment.
From these three points above I may assume that we may expect to see a short-term correction down because the indexes could be considered overbought and we already started to see some changes in the sentiment from Bullish toward Bearish. However, I would like to see some flat market before. It is unusual to see sharp reverse down after strong up move. As a rule market (indexes) can have sharp reversal in support, yet, in resistance it is common to see several sessions of flat market. At the same time the SBV is still high and McClellan Oscillator with MACD did not crossed zero lines - these as well tells me that we may see some flat price movement before correction.

From the short-term analysis prospective I would recommend always consult higher timeframes (it is always a good trading strategy to analyze several timeframes). If you apply the same technical analysis to daily charts (1-year chart where 1bar = 1 day and 3-year chart where 1 bar = 3 days) you may see that in the longer term the market is still strongly oversold and longer-term sentiment is strongly Bullish. Because of that even I expect to see correction down I would not expect it to be very strong but rather a short-term move down within longer-term recovery. I even assume that because of the strongly oversold longer-term market (indexes) the shorter-term overbought levels could be ignored and there is a possibility of further up-move.

Overall (do not confuse you) I would say that my technical analysis suggest recovery in the longer-term, yet possibility a correction in the shorter-term.

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